A solo private practice for adults at Northwestern

Laptop in examination room (close up)Conventional wisdom says the solo medical practice has gone the way of the dinosaur.  So why did I open my practice after years of being part of large medical groups?  I envision a modified version of a traditional practice, updated and streamlined to provide the advantages of cutting-edge medical care, while retaining the essence and strength of the older model — one-on-one care with a doctor who knows you.

Bureaucracy surrounding medical care acts as a hurdle to seeing a doctor.   I think a smaller, personal practice environment encourages people to see their doctor in the first place, so a good doctor-patient relationship can take root.

It is inefficient and potentially problematic to have to repeat your history to a new provider every time you visit.  Excellent medical care begins with familiarity with your medical history and a solo practice provides a doctor/patient relationship unmatched by large practice groups.

Many women I know choose to go to Northwestern for childbirth. Without a doubt, women should see an OB-GYN for reproductive health concerns.  However, an internist is frequently necessary for other health issues, including general health maintenance.  I see this need in the Northwestern community.

My years of experience in a large practice group, coupled with insights gained as a recent patient — inspire my passion to open a solo practice.

Welcome to Streeterville Internal Medicine.

—-Dr. Rachel O’Mara